Update Within The Crisis – Collective Amnesia

Aysha Amin

ANDROMEDA 8220 is an independent art platform from Gellerup, a social houseing project with 6500 souls who are giving life to the neigbourhood since the 90s.
Many of us are born and raised here. We are currently undergoing the biggest renovation
aka demolition plan of its kind.


Aysha Amin currently runs Andromeda as a gallerist and curator. She co-initiated Andromeda in 2017 as a local artist who does not shy away from critically addressing the political agenda, complexities and nuances of urban development. But also a reaction against the representation of the Gellerup neighbourhood in art, architecture, and urban planning. The space has grown and includes collaborators regionally, nationally and internationally.

“In this collaborative film we explore collective amnesia, the shape of memories and emotions that stay inside of us after crisis, trauma and disruption. Our visualization comes from conversations and thoughts that had formed quite naturally and informally during the COVID-19 lockdown months. We recognise the urgency of having our memories during and after times of emergency.


We are in a new speed while we inhabit our bodies, our minds, our homes, our infrastructure, our streets, our public space, our relationships and our earth.
Life is microscopic, spatially limited and stripped of usual noise. Our sense of freedom, of control, of direction and health even more enigmatic. We have an overwhelming capacity to forget and to become numb to our responsibilities collectively and individually.
We forget and we forget again – why?
We don’t have the answer, we can only briefly share our experience on how it feels to live in constant aggressive physical transformation and crises and how that affects our wellbeing.”


"At some moments I would feel like I’m standing while the ground is moving.. Everything is sweeping around across and ahead, I think that’s a reaction to what has happened and what’s about to happen, a delayed wave of what’s been holding back..”