Liz Rosenfeld


Tremble (2020) 


Sound Design: Neda Sanai 

Cinematography: Imogen Heath

Still Photography: Christa Holka

Production Assistant: Kiki Mager 



Flutter. Shutter. Quiver. Throb. Vibrations oscillate between all the holes and all the folds. Exposed under full house lights, a lone body trembles with the architecture of an empty darkroom. Closed for 6- months due to social distancing laws, in a cruising space for cis- male public sex, through tableaus of nuanced movement, the artist's body proposes an ambigous future towards abundance and desire.  Skin and flesh palpitate with unkown anticipation against porous materials soaked with stale fluids, ghostly uterreances, and queer potentials. This is not a memorial to what was once possible, but rather, a proposal to what this space can still become. Always an infinite hole. Always a threshold. The vibrant material of fat and flesh rock in service to ecologies and bodies not yet known.


Tremble is the first work in a trilogy about the action and experience of trembling. Tremble is also available as an immersive video installation, with surround sound.



Liz Rosenfeld




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